Napowrimo, OneSingleImpression


one single impression no 9: flowering…
photo: pollen, bberzolla, photobucket


seeking seeds breeze bears
disembarking waiting fields
wet rains fetch gravy

gathering brown leaves
heaps of last fall piled high
cycled seasons pass

snow melting reveals
waiting young green early blooms
pallet cold cool earth

warm sunshine arrives
spreading kosmic rays of strength
new birth inhales

* * * * * *

mr, baseball–jackie robinson, too good to share.. interesting story….

appearing perfect
his swing met the fast curve ball
breaking old records

another day of day 29 NaPoWriMo


11 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. I love it. How we wait for those subtle changes into spring. The waiting makes them all the more precious.

    And I really enjoyed the Robinson piece. Appearing perfect, indeed!

  2. “Warm sunshine arrives”: We’re still waiting for that here in the Pacific Northwest.

    I enjoyed the sounds of your poetry. 🙂

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