Napowrimo, Poefusion


Poefusion #17: via negativa
photo: sharemyheart, bleak_deathkid, photobucket

shaRe my hearT

never turning, drifting away
indifferent faceless shadow
creeps away, hastening to hide
the silent screaming denials
piercing the porous sanguinary offense

little angry gray cursing clouds
hover longingly
pouring wet waves of
drowning destruction
crumbling weakening walls of hope

stuck in painful deliberation
witness froze in grevious woe
wanders the misconception maze
wrapping penetrating sorrow as dust
conceals open windows
locking invisible doors

soothing comfort freefalls
dungeons of decayed despair conquered
she leaps
the abyss of life calling

 day 23 NaPoWriMo



5 thoughts on “ambushed

  1. This one certainly builds up the tension and then ‘She leaps/the abyss of life calling’. Life as an abyss leaves a paradox in the final resolution.

  2. Paris Parfait says:

    Wonderful triste imagery in your poem. I like how the ending is somewhat ambiguous. Well done, you!

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