Haiku, Napowrimo, OneSingleImpression


one single impression no 8: color…
photo: clothesline, ParmavioletPatsy, photobucket


flush with your new love
arrayed rainbows of passion
my cheeks shining bright

sprouting spring delights
fields of yellow green and white
daffodils singing

snoring so softly
sleepy sea blue morning eyes
holding on to now

hanging damp laundry
wooden clothes pins holding strong
wet waving wonders

your kiss brings an ache
clouded in raging fires
knocking at your door

..ok, went a little overboard on the haiku, but gee, first day back home and making up time for the 30 poems/30days…. day 15-19 NaPoWriMo


14 thoughts on “ShadesOfWhite

  1. I am so glad you commented on my site, and thank you for the kind words, because without the comment, I might have missed your late entry. The picture is so evocative and feeds well into the poem. Very passionate and aflame! I love “your kiss brings an ache clouded in raging fires …”

  2. Fantastic poem. As others have said – too many good lines to pick just one, although I think I especially like the last stanza which is in a way a poem in and of itself. Nicely done.

  3. Ok… brain not functioning today… or functioning oddly. The last haiku is my favorite. My brain made them into one poem, though, and now I can’t delete my incomprehensible first comment and am making it worse by adding a second one.

  4. sisterdear3 says:

    These are all brilliant, both collectively or alone. What a nice surprise! I was looking for more at the bottom! And the photo, perfect.

  5. sisterdear3 says:

    Sisterdear3, is MyBellavia. Sorry for the confusion. I am just starting to get a handle on my computer skills.

    I really enjoyed all of these. Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your wonderful comment!

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