it has been an interesting week… travelin by bus across america… going back is always filled with surprises.. seeing people i haven’t seen in a long time.. participated in a military funeral for the first time… saying goodbye to a dear friend and then watching as they folded the american flag with such respect… opened a door to nationalism… is that the right word i should use here? i should look up what it means… truly hate to get political or talk of war but… talk abt a flash of every death that every occurred in the name of freedom… overlooking the vast property of white tombstones knowing that there were at least three wars of men buried there… i cried for every mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son… everyone who ever lost somebody participating in a war for america… who can you thank for the freedom to walk down a street w/o dodging bullets or bombs… who can you thank for the barest of luxuries that appear without hesitation.. electricity, running water, a roof over my head and food to eat??.. something we in america take for granted… who can i thank for the beautiful flowers that i’ve planted that come up every spring in abundance… there’s so much going on everywhere that we’ve sorta lost our way here in america… but that day that moment i found america in a simple ceremony of love and respect.. when i see a flag waving in the breeze i will think of this military cemetery and the hundreds of white tombstones.. this dear friend served his country, he loved his country and he would have died for his country if that was chosen… instead he served america he loved in the life that was given him… he raised two beautiful children that love, adore and respect him… he empowered them with his strength and love and kindness… they were married 42 years….  today w/my eyes open i see the soldiers of america..pray for their safety and for their families waiting back home… and ever so thankful for the little things of life..

oh, and back to poetry… i’ve truly missed the writing, the prompts and the many people who respond to those with thought-provoking posts… even tho we haven’t met face-to-face in some way you have all become a part of my life as we move forward…  it’s good to be home….


writing is everything...

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