Napowrimo, WritersIsland


Writers Island prompt No. 29: LostHighway;
photo: cletus_buckley, photobucket

bridge lost highway 3

telling no one
there exists
a road granted
no entrance

without end
yellow line

through maps
with no
visible signs

stop signs to yield
no speed limit
take care to look

 day 7, NaPoWriMo…..



6 thoughts on “theBridge

  1. Every day when we awake, we are before these close doors that open to raods like this. It is for us to choose and open that door and travel that road ~ we have in our hands to choose the kind of journey we take to our destiny.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. “miles from nowhere… think i’ll take my time…oh lord…. to reach there…”

    just a little reflection on a song sung by ,, cat stevens somewhere in the seventies for your listening pleasure……

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