Napowrimo, PoefusionMondayMural


Meme from PoefusionMondayMural; photo: jdgumby, photobucket
day 2 of ReadWritePoem–napowrimo.. today’s flavor 3 haiku… April 30 days 30 poems prompt.. be sure to stop by napowrimo for others who are participating as well


untouchable she
sang a beautiful refrain
octava bassa

bunched in a pile
how dear she appears to him
cascading water

random thoughts arrayed
butterfly fluttering heart
haggling details

last night reading a magazine, saw this painting by Joan Miro… so reminded me of MondayMural…


7 thoughts on “UnWrapped

  1. I love your three haiku. I agree with Lissa about the first one being my favorite. I love how these seemingly don’t go together at first glance but, upon closer examination it is about a man whose in love and can’t find the words to approach her with- hence, untouchable she. How beautiful. Have a nice day.

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