one single impression no5: laughter…
photo: laughter, ruthmarycruz, photobucket


purity voiced
in harmony
expressed simpatico
sharing warmth
delighted hearts
cheerful expections


17 thoughts on “RoaringMirth

  1. I have been here. I have cried and laughed. I have felt my 3lb infant’s heart beating on mine.
    I smiled when he first grabbed my finger. I laugh with him in his carefree life! I loved this!

  2. precious…and i can’t even aptly describe the feelings this picture invokes…it fills me with much love, wonder, awe…..

  3. perfection imaged
    in your words and the picture
    evoking my joy

    Thanks so much for your recent visit and comments on my ‘laughter’ OSI post at Sacred Rumingations.
    Hugs and blessings,

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