Writers Island prompt No. 26: torrid and Matinee Muse: 21, reckless…the gamble; photo: jessicad_08, photobucket

this captivating love ached deep
veiled burning lining her soul
depositing collatoral damage
exceeding her sensible refinement

desire left alone burst forth
in a spontaneous blazing fire
wanting more she scanned
the hours without him
intense with blistering thirst

afternoon heat gave fuel
to the sultry atmosphere
roaming the illuminated room
reflecting a parched heart

starry-eyed in candlelight
she sat stirring
in her cool silk slip
smoldering for him


12 thoughts on “Reckless

  1. I sure as heck hope he turned up!

    the intensity of passion accumulates beautifully in your poem. It goes so well with the pic you chose to go with it………

    falling into the abyss of lost control desire.

    love it. we should all have at least one steamy night like that every now and then.

    ps. thanks for the comment on my blog. may the torrid passion of curling sweep you up! 🙂

  2. whew… that was hot… i love the close on this… i know that feeling well,, and wish sometimes i have not lived my last night smoldering in cool silk slip…….

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