bones weekly three word wednesday
3WW No 79 prompt: glass, question, token
photo: openwindow, denise4264, photobucket

open window

placed in a clear glass jar
a token gesture
set aside
remained looming

seasons circled
days drifted
the open window

ageless with
existing long after
the answer mattered


21 thoughts on “dialogue

  1. Beautiful. Very delicate and enigmatic. The visual goes well with the poem too. I wonder what the question was? The image of the question inthe glass jar is fantastic.

  2. noahthegreat says:

    The answer is forty-two.

    ntg, very good!!… i just heard that yesterday or was it the day before on another blog somewhere in the bloghemisphere…sorry to say i can’t give the person credit…

  3. …you guys are funny… it’s a thousand different unanswered questions… i was thinking love and then by the end it was something else entirely….thank you all for the precious feedback it is always appreciated…

  4. seasons circled
    days drifted
    the open window

    -love this part, I don’t think the question matters anymore than the answer, and I was not thinking of something to do with love but something to do with time and why waiting didn’t really matter

  5. okay, I have no idea what I’m saying in my comment but I do love this particular poem. guess I really need to pay more attention before clicking on the submit button.

  6. Sometimes the answer is immaterial, but other times it’s just too important to set aside. Woe to us if we can’t tell the difference. 😉

  7. noahthegreat says:

    42 is from Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. 😀

    thanks noah, now i remember… have tried to read the book a couple of time now… i think this time i will go back and try to finish it….

  8. Such a powerful write threaded with a little psychology and philosophy!

    Sometimes the answer is only a matter for the moment.


  9. UL says:

    really nice…hey there’s a gift awaiting you at my space, hope you will like it, i havent been able to come by lately, but wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts.

  10. While I also wonder about the question, I’m more curious what token would be placed in a clear glass jar? If I knew that, I could deduce the question.

    I love the middle stanza but the final two lines are my favorite bit. Nice work.

  11. UL says:

    hey thanks again, i didnt know one more believer was you…i havent had a chance to follow comments yet,so….thank you. I will update your name on my list.

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