it comes

SundayScribbings No. 103 i just don’t get it…
photo: trash can days, Nicky-D_, photobucket

trash can day

it’s all about trash day
and all the mystery
that surrounds
the calling

in my reality
it’s thursday morning
at the crack of dawn

the monster truck comes
eating and dropping trash
along the way

every week
never changing

i wonder will he
of his own volition
take the trash
to known destination

he cares not for me
this little task
can mean so much
a lifetime of endearing kisses
dinners beyond his magical imagination

he makes millions
by the moments
and yet this simple task
goes often unheeded
bringing misery
to my emotional being
…i just don’t get it…


5 thoughts on “it comes

  1. How appropriate today of all days as it is trash day in my little part of the world, and as such this has brought quite the smile to my face….

    Thank you. I really love this.

  2. i have no he so trash day is not an issue… i either take it out or i suffer all week… i can remember going thru this very scenario in my past relationship tho… and i wonder today why when i remember him,, it never calls to mind the fact that inevitably i took out the trash…….

  3. heyheyitsaiste says:

    this picture reminds me of my best friend and my friend and i had a good laugh.

    the picture is funny but the poem seems a bit sad.

    cool though

    (Your comment made me laugh out loud =] )

  4. Some things that happen in the middle of the night have a certain grimness connected to them, I find. I think you described it well.
    And that picture is the best!

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