Troubled Freedom

bones weekly three word wednesday
3WW No 78 prompt: money, tangled, understood
photo: allstr4life2006, photobucket


clearly seeking redemption
he tossed the money
into the crackling fire
turned his back
and dubiously left

walking away
his weary feet
securing strange steps
noticed nothing

grace appeared
floating in feathers
forgiveness sparked
igniting gentle caresses
upon his grief-filled body

darkness and dread departed
releasing the tight tangled restraint
once holding his life captive
full of misery and loss

he now understood
what the total sum of dues
he paid for receiving
the deceptive gift


7 thoughts on “Troubled Freedom

  1. At least he learned his lesson–couldn’t help but think of my ex governor

    Really enjoyed it.

    Changed you on the blogroll. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. TC says:

    I didn’t catch it until I read Noah’s comment, but he’s got a good point. Sometimes, we pay a hefty price for things in life that have nothing to do with money at all.

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