Mr. Newton

3WW prompt: apartment, began, numb
photo: david_bowie_fan, photobucket

David Bowie

sleeping soundly within
the apartment held
his mysterious life
in a cradle of false security

overpowered by
celestrial separation
he surrenders to
the distraction of
talking screens
the passing days

lacking temporal
feelings of futility
began to blossom
in the dark waters
of the moon’s shadow

living on foreign soil
surrounded by the blind
he cries forgiveable tears
awaiting the arrival
of yet another bottle
of numbing gin

did you ever see the man who fell to earth with david bowie

just a little note…b/c thrz another gal named littlewing in the poetry blog community im changing my name from littlewing to onemorebeliever…tho my blogname wont change)


10 thoughts on “Mr. Newton

  1. I really enjoyed it. Didn’t enjoy the lonlileness that made him turn to earth

    Let me know when you change your name for the blogroll

  2. OMB,
    Well dear poet, I know little of David Bowie, save name recognition of course. the pity is mine to be sure, and I’ll excuse myself to age, altough that’s pretty lame. I followed the link you provided and read up on Bowie and more importantly his movie and landsakes alive your poem should have been used to promote the film. Hey, come on, the movie was sci-fi so why not send the poem back in time to use. 😉
    Seriously, the poem was good and all the more so for you providing the background!

    hi rel, david bowie is a trip honestly.. and the movie speaks volumes…strange to say the least…but good…it was quite a few years ago, so yes, i am too dating myself….ah, no biggie… i was going somewhere else and then i started thinking abt this strange movie…

  3. beautiful poem, a bit of sadness.

    never did saw that movie with David Bowie but I might just check it out.

    too bad about your name change – I have always like “little wing”. it seem to fit you so well.

    hi lissa, if you like david bowie it is a strange, interesting movie… years ago… abt the name change.. b/c she was getting mixed up with me and, well… i was gonna add something to the existing littlewing… like littlewingwriter.. but then again, it might be too close… she was so sweet so what the heck…

  4. This was well done. Poignant and powerful. Nice take on the 3-word prompt!

    By the way, I like your new “name.” ONE MORE BELIEVER sounds so upbeat!




    hi linda….never knew names could be so-so-so… oh, i don’t know… thanks for thinkin the same as i was … amen…

  5. I didn’t know about Bowie, either…but that’s not strange – really, it’s not. (G) However, I feel like I know him now – your poetry sings. AND what’s in a name? I’d recognize your voice anywhere! Nice poem!

    thanks tumble, if you get a chance you should see the movie….it’s what i would guess as on the edge sorta movie…and thank you so much for your comment..one never knows if our voice makes sense to anyone when it’s reflected on paper…and oh btw, since viewing your fibonacci (sp?) i’ve been at it all weekend i think i’ve heard the term before..im gonna give it a go!!!..

  6. Although I’m familiar with David Bowie, I don’t know this movie. I love your poem though. I’m sorry that you’re changing your name as I think of you as Little Wing and have you as such on my blogroll. You were the only ‘Little Wing’ I’d come across.

    hi watermaid, david bowie is awesome in that movie… a wee bit strange but i really enjoyed the movie…and it’s kinda back there in years…hate to say it but it’s true….the other Little Wing is a great gal who so sweetly made a request that i could only abide by her request… we have a few mutual poetry blog friends and our blogs were getting mixed up… and thank you for including me on your blogroll..

  7. This is a bit sad. I connect to the feeling of loneliness living in a foreign soil. Though I don’t take the option of having around the company of gin, I thought I understand what it is to pass the days with the company of talking screens.

    I wish you well.

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