Over at Weekend Wordsmith the prompt is…stick and stones
photo: great wretched remorse, bleak_deathkid, photobucket

greaT wRetChed remOrsE

it hurt so bad
i cringed for days
that black memory
tearing my breath
from deep
within my chest

though you cannot
possibly perceive
hidden is the damage
written words convey

serenely spoken
concealed disguise
carrying unseen
seamless scars
not a soul reads

it drags at my life
affecting every
half lived moment
desired affect

photos speak volumes, this is half the fun of finding a photo that relates to the poet. now this artist, bleak_deathkid over at photobucket is kinda dark but wow talent all over the place..


4 thoughts on “WretchedWoe

  1. noahthegreat says:

    I agree, this is really good.

    (The breathe through me off, did you do that intentionally? Breath makes more sense to me.)

    thank you noah, appreciate the note!!!….

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