Meme from Poefusion, MondayMural;
photo: Ophelia Adeu, like_wow_24, photobucket

Ophelia Adeu

longing for love
purity cries out
to the noble mind

spoken sincerely
fleetingly forgotten
desire disillusioned

formal discourse
distant intimate

female frailty
beauty perceives

touch not
without honor
lost love loses
beneath cool waters

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5 thoughts on “OpheliaCalls

  1. i really appreciate this poem,, as i do believe that ophelia loved hamlet,, felt she was destined to be with him,, and just didn’t have the tools to go on when her dream was devastated… she is such a beautiful tragic figure… timeless….

  2. Your poem is a beautiful elegy to lost love, touching on nobility and honour between ‘distant intimate/strangers’ – I love the way you have used those words.

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