Writers Island prompt No. 25: rising and Matinee Muse: 10,000BC…destiny

Rising Sun
photo: OnE61811301, photobucket

sitting in darkness
time floated mercilessly
as light hit the sky

gazing to the east
freedom distorted by bars
she remembers why

her father a drunk
her mother’s weary weakness
another grim night

life screamed for mercy
murder required payment
as death came calling

touched by thoughtless hands
seeking hasty fullfillment 
too many to count

different days demise
no longer suffering blind
what else could she do

there’s a couple of different versions as to what house this is…i’m going w/a jailhouse… always liked the song by the animals… also a bit of controversy as to who wrote it and who sang what.. if you are interested this is the link for further info…


7 thoughts on “HouseOfTheRisingSun

  1. the last stanza is what nails it. “no longer suffering blind” has a lot of implications…

    Of course, it depends on the singer, too. 🙂

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