Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: racket, snug, green, boggle, snake

marilyn monroe
photo: marilyn, NENEz13_photos, photobucket

entranced by the snug fit
of her tight green dress
his mind boggled
with lovesick racket
uncoiling as a snake
throught the
hungry corridors
of his desire

**** **** ***

The Invisible Man
photo: The Invisible Man, TasteTheWine, photobucket

notorious as a snake
he traveled through towns
in a snug fashion
impartial to the tragedies
left behind

impervious to imperfection
his racket of ruin
tasted sweet
when his boldness
boggled the greenhorn
tracking his cold, cold trail


11 thoughts on “GreenTimesTwo

  1. You’ve taken two famous figures and written very nice poems with them. Keep up the good work. And, thanks for your comments at Poefusion. I try to keep everyone writing as best I can. Have a nice day.

  2. Both poems sound like Raymond Chandler scenes. I love film noir. Very creative and inspired incorporation of the words.

    BTW, did you mean “hungry”?

    I looked up “cack”. It’s an actual word! Kinda nasty, but funny. 🙂

    thank you maria corrected the typo…

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