Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: string, mural, kempt, dilated, vinegar
photo: nakmar, photobucket


unraveling in secret
his heart did not see
the pull of a string

once tightly woven with
care and consideration
gravity gradually separated
the unity of a colorful life

appearing kempt in expression
the facade began to crumble
breath by breath held in a
hidden puzzle of restrain and hold
neglect took its toll

the healing tonic of lemon
vinegar and sweetened water
could not hold back the slaver of time
slowly cascading down the mural
of his picturesque life


8 thoughts on “Pressed

  1. I’m thinking it’s referring to getting older or so I read it as its meaning but how beautiful it sounds – sad and remorseful

  2. Awesome. I read this poem as an awareness of the passing of time, how changes occur bit by bit, but we’re not always aware of them from outer appearances. The lemon and vinegar tonic confused me a bit- is this a tonic used for cleaning and restoring paintings, or is it a tonic for cleansing the body?

    thanks maria, appreciate your comments as always..i was thinking that as he’s drinking his tonic hoping for a cure from what ails him internally it could not he was too far gone physically/mentally…as a mural on the wall with water dripping down it destroys the wall painting… something like that….

  3. Time slips from everyone’s grasp and they wish they could rescue themselves from aging and death. But, the truth is they end up succumbing to the inevitable. Sad but, beautiful poem. Have a nice night, what’s left.

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