3WW prompt: apology, consider, distant

photo: StarHawk2021, photobucket

peering beyond the grave
listening to an old apology
he wanted to sit and consider
the distant hours spent inbetween

photo: canisequis, photobucket

willing the large bouquet of flowers
smiled brightly in the absence of an apology
abiding on a distant star
she no longer considers a reply


11 thoughts on “GreatDivide

  1. TC says:

    Sometimes, flowers can be overused as an apology. They become redundant. And women no longer look forward to getting them because it means he did something wrong. Too bad.

  2. noahthegreat says:

    I agree with TC.

    The first one reminds me of how I always seem to live near a graveyard no matter how many times I move.

  3. Thanks for joining the One Single Impression blog roll!

    I enjoyed this post very much. The pause between thoughts makes me feel the distance between the he and she of this poem. Poignant. God bless.

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