Writers Island prompt: second chance and new this week Matinee Muse: Advantage Point…perspective

photo: rafihecht, photobucket (a photo of one of the concentration camps entrance)

turning back around
taking one last look
lingering never forget

no longer shackled
free air kissed his lips
wrapping itself around
his forward movements

monetarily penniless
rich in hope
where would he go

picturing today
the photo told everything
the past staring back
framed in the arms of yesterday


13 thoughts on “Photo

  1. framed in the arms of yesterday – I like that. the future’s always has hope but the past will always be something to look back on. another great poem.

  2. “monetarily penniless rich in hope”

    I love this line. It is a perception which many of us should be aware of – that things aren’t always what they seem at first; that it all depends upon one’s ‘perspective’.

    Nicely done!

  3. It takes a strong, strong person to be able to look back at that. Just seeing your picture made my breath catch, but then, my ties to those places are too strong.

    What a wonderful poem. You’re bringing wonderful hope to such a horrid situation; may good things come out of the tragedy.

  4. when i was 17 i met a concentration camp survivor who was at the same hospital my sister was at at the time. she had much to tell and it was my introduction (i had learned of it in school, but what i mean by introduction is that it was told by a survivor) to the heinous, cruel and unforgivable act told in all its clarity and cruelty.

  5. An inspired take on the prompt. Your line ‘free air kissed his lips’ says it all. The kiss of being free would be the sweetest kiss of all. To emerge from the depths of despair that would have been a concentration camp with some hope intact is very poignant. I was touched by this.

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