Lunar Eclipse

photo: jeaniece11, photobucket

this is what i saw last night….it was probably about 6:30 pm in the inland northwest of idaho… near the canadian border…it was a beautiful evening….crisp, cool…and clear… the eclipse was in a misty haze that added to the awe and mystery of it all…a couple of days before we had a meteorite enter our hemisphere and light up the sky… occurred abt 5:30 am so it was still dark…right before dawn … so the celestial has been busy…if you are interested the NASA LaLuna site…and for those of us who need a simplier, friendlier language …. and for your viewing pleasure

what i found interesting is for this to occur the moon has to be full; and, sun, earth and moon have to be perfectly aligned with earth in the middle…

misty moon mime
charm the heavens
bewitch evening stars
arouse the slumbering
nocturnal realm
astonish the serene skies
restrained rustling
roars across the skies
commanding salutation


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