3WW, WritersIsland

no 2

Writers Island prompt: time traveler; and
3WW prompt: punch, t-shirt, unravel
photo: cleeart, photobucket


hurriedly packing the pink suitcase
the wanderer began to inwardly grieve
looking upward she noticed the
shifting sequences lighting the night sky

fluctuation of solar and sidereal times
began to unravel, and small pieces
of earth began falling barely noticeable

contained for now, the punch of implosion
would force the disruption
of immoveable constellations
eventually saving the elements
would become unmanageable

unable to toss the old baggy t-shirt
she captured the memory
closed the suitcase and departed


11 thoughts on “no 2

  1. TC says:

    This reminded me of how I felt when I left Alaska four years ago. Thinking of the way the Aurora danced and how hard it was to go, but knowing that coming home was what I needed to do.

    I brought a t-shirt or home to remind me too 🙂

    I really liked this one.

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