Sunset Through a fishing rod
3WW prompt: slight, imagined girlfriend
photo: overdodo, photobucket

savoring the salty air
hidden in the blowing breeze
alone the open sea
he cast his line

calculating the current
thoughtful of tides
he made a slight
adjustment to his line

conscious of the connection
the feel of his new red rod
he imagined the intimate touch
of his cherished girlfriend

distracted and dreaming
the catch of the day
mattered little
at the fruitless table
that night


5 thoughts on “OpenSeaFishing

  1. TC says:

    This was really good. It’s shocking to hear of a guy who can’t concentrate on fishing because he’s thinking of his girlfriend 😉

  2. I really felt the grace and beauty of his movements. Although I don’t fish I have watched the casting (never the catching). Thanks for visiting–you have lovely art and poetry.

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