Quiet It Breathes

SundayScribblings promp: fridge space
photo: ee12, photobucket

kitchen quiet
lies a beast without remorse
rambunctious rabble rouser
terrorizes the night

for fifty bucks
it gladly came aboard
smiling with hefty weight
and mellifluent motor sounds

strangely it smirks
gathering courage
somewhere within

tats and coca cola
makeup and vodka
it doesn’t take much
it’s smooth and sweet

smaller and smaller
my kitchen becomes
no taming nor turning
it sleeps for now


10 thoughts on “Quiet It Breathes

  1. Well – that picture got my attention. I think we paid a hundred bucks for ours, and now it doesn’t seal very well. Very descriptive poem. I can tell that you really enjoy writing.

  2. There is something quite slithery and sinister in these images! I guess that’s just another version of “cold”!

    Great write!

    Smiles and Light

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