Raft Waking

Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: synchronized swimming, whalesong, fluidity, river, age (boy these were tuff!!!)
photo: ela_the, photobucket


drifting downstream
the raft slips with ease

watchful of the way
the river channels fluidily
telling the untold
tales of old age

commodius the canyon
sealed aperture yawns
erstwhile concealed

waters recede in a sway
of synchronized swimming
impressionable and pliant
composing the way

oar gliding
cool water resonates
canyon walls arrest
a soothing whalesong
watching and waiting
signals to speak

fixed and resolved
firm in belief
headway flourishes
in a soft splash spray

approaching shore
abdicating the oar
land awaits


7 thoughts on “Raft Waking

  1. sandy..i luv watching the synchronized swimmers during the olympics… grace and beauty is what i always see…

    jen…started this back abt a month ago and it sorta was just hanging when i saw michelle’s prompt it was perfect… i think it was one of the hardest memes i’ve come across…

    michelle…kudos 2 u on the prompt… everyone’s posts this week are incredible!!!

    paisley, it was all abt water…


    myrtle… that’s a definite hi five comin from you!

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