SundayScribblings promp: foul

cold hearted and calculating
he moved through society
seeking to devore all he could

the weak and forgotten
his most delectable prey

easy unsuspecting targets
gave him rest from
the challenges of survival
he could not win

filled with sorrow and broken dreams
they walk the hours of timelessness
with little direction or thought

spying his next victim
his heart beat faster


5 thoughts on “ShadowMan

  1. Was coming by because I was curious to see how you found me. I love the format of your page. Last main entry present and that’s it. Very good idea. Anyway, I don’t think I have heard a line like “they walk the hours of timelessness” in forever. That was priceless. Very well written. Reminds me of all those child preditors being caught on tape on those cheezy shows recently. Amazingly vivid imagery.

  2. Unfortunately there are too many people out there like the Shadow Man. You wrote this poem as if you have met one. Shadow Man definitely describes “foul”.

writing is everything...

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