photo: Dknemo, photobucket

the bones rattle loud
against the soundless walls
of yesterday biting hard

gathered in collusion
mumbling old stories
uninvited unremembered
heartless drifting guests

tiny wet tears gather 
speeding downward
toward rejection
dried without sorry
defending rights of passage

evading sleep squanders
listening to loud lamentations
wailing mysteries untold
hitched a ride for free

heavy with exhaustion
eyes unseeing
compassion sings softly
gentle soothing songs


4 thoughts on “Collusion

  1. I’ve read this through several times as I want to understand it. There seems to be a collusion about something in the past; something sad that requires the ‘gentle soothing songs’ that ‘compassion sings softly. I’m also wondering about the significance of the eye in the photo and how it connects with ‘eyes unseeing’ in your poem. I love the antithesis of the ‘bones rattle’ and the ‘soundless walls’. Is this a poem about war or some other atrocity?

  2. oh how i wish i could write poetry like you. you write so well. another good, no…great one.

    “the bones rattle loud against the soundless walls of yesterday biting hard”…from the first stanza i knew it was going to another one that left me in awe…how do you come up with these words? these descriptions? hat’s off to you.

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