Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: brunt, crack, key, cherry, discard

Cherry Tree Blossom
photo: sapereaude2007, photobucket

gathering in groups
beneath the blossoming blooms
crack the sound of spring

above sun and stars
sakura unlocks the key
heaven’s door opens

cherry trees in bloom
petals of clouds fluttering
discard not the dead

at the feet of gods
renewed in feast offerings
the brunt of death hides

for those who are interested.. hanami


11 thoughts on “Hanami

  1. This is perfection – the use of the prompts and the poem itself. I had to google in order to find out that Hanami is the cherry blossom viewing in Japan. It must be a wonderful spectacle.

  2. What a wonderful poem. I think the Japanese have it right celebrating Hanami. The cherry blossom trees are beautiful and I think the Japanese culture looks deep into the beauty of things most people wouldn’t even give a second glance. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend. Happy Writing~

  3. a blogger says:

    Reminds me of the beauty Robert Frost spoke of; it’s quite beautiful in the writing and the images.

  4. Very beautiful, visual poem! I especially love the line “petals of clouds fluttering”. And the feeling
    in the poem has great depth — really lovely.

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