red wine

3WW prompt: approach, smooth, bottle
photo: francesco49, photobucket

seeing his approach
she no longer cared
nor considered her secret pact
his fluid movements
and smooth lips
uncorked her bottled up
emotions without remorse

smoothing her red dress
slightly distracted
the unbottled emotions
from approaching without care

smiling smooth lips
he spoke of an excellent
red wine
ordering the bottle
the waiting waiter approached

calm with unbottled emotions
she approached the round red glass
with delightful anticipation
not surprised by the smooth taste
she drank deeply


10 thoughts on “RedWine

  1. This flowed like a good wine – beautiful! I love the way the poem moves between the smoothness of the wine, his smooth lips and her bottled up emotions. So glad her emotions were unbottled in the end.

  2. We were totally on the same page with this!!!
    I had thought about red wine and then switched to white for “nectar”…but we were both on the sensuous path for sure. Love this piece — it’s very evocative and beautiful.

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