Meme from Poefusion, MondayMural
photo:hazelandtim2, photobucket

wrapped in green cellophane
and a gold smiling bow
appearing as no threat
under a tree glittering with color

filled with resentment
and coventousness
the green eyes stared longingly
at what it could not have

dreaming of what
should have been
a simple task
now appearing insurmountable
to achieve

envy slowing took its toll
rarely does anyone see
her anxious arrival
nor hear her unhappy knock


2 thoughts on “GreenEyes

  1. before i even read this,,, i have to say that that photo is startling… i love it.. i wish i had found it myself first… ok… hold on……..

    oh my yes,, the words are penetrating as well… green eys,, so beautiful,, and yet so wrought with negative connotation… i say that,, a i wrote a piece that focused on one of the negative connotations of “green” myself….

  2. I love that photo, too~ Your poem is deceiving. At first I was thinking a present. Then, as I read on, I got the impression she was looking at a guy that was out of her grasp. Very nice job. I simply loved the ending her anxious arrival
    nor hear her unhappy knock
    it was perfect. Have a nice night.

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