3WW prompt: breath, scattered, tomorrow
photo: Apocalypse84, photobucket

spilling over
the performance shined bright
on the marquee of tomorrow

scattered sheets of music
rehearsed silently in the wind
surrendering a breath of harmony

inflexible and waiting
the parched written scripts
shadowed the actors
thirsty for notice

hardly aware
perceptive and plugged
the play continued uninterruped
a witness to survival


14 thoughts on “Consciousness

  1. Those little bits of words are awirling well. I liked the edwas in this poem – the scattered sheet music rehearsing and then shadowing the actors.

  2. I love how you chose to use these words!! “scattered sheets of music”, “surrendering a breath of harmony” — it’s melodious and evocative!

  3. I could see this all happening and I heard this “scattered sheets of music
    rehearsed silently in the wind
    surrendering a breath of harmony”

    I love theater.


  4. You’re very talented to be able to write something so good and include those 3 words. I haven’t been able to do 3WW yet. It seems too difficult for me.

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