The Ledge

Friday 5 this week prompt: fuselage, ache, pardon, sanitary, paste


silently giving up
having reached the end
trembling she jumped

as a plane undone
fuselage exposed
all was not well
in her last moments of life

lying in rubble
everything ached
unsanitary conditions
her last dying breath

unpardoned by death
pasted to dark
everything costs
immeasureable the loss


6 thoughts on “The Ledge

  1. Little Wing, this is so sad. Will she ever be able to heal her physical wounds enough to overcome her emotional ones? Is there a place where she can become happy, call her own? Your poem has touched the depths of my soul this evening. I guess it is because it’s the holidays. No one should have to feel they are that alone. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice night. And, Merry Christmas~

    Also, I loved the way you used fuselage.

  2. this landed after a prompt called loneliness..that i missed it…and too many law and order episodes…sometimes life just gets a little too much and regardless of what we try to do…like lint..it just won’t come off…luckily i have found a life lint brush and keep it in my purse for those overwhelming life moments…

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