Vanished Moment

Writers Island prompt: the moment

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driving home
i had no desire to stop
the light turned yellow
my choice dismissed

5 o’clock rush hour
is a forever hour
lost irretrievable

easily my mind wonders
to another time
speeding forward
drawing near
written silently
on pieces of paper
too small to read
falling softly like snow

i’m here, right here
i never left
i tried to stay
i thought we’d have so much

it was an ailment
without cure
living in the city
brings it all back

no longer available
invisible words written
in the midnight sky
a certainty of time
now beckons

the light changes
distraction occurs
pressing the pedal
moves the car forward
without hesitation
another thought takes place

as always, photobucket supplies the greatest photos from numerous authors…


8 thoughts on “Vanished Moment

  1. I like that. The fleetingness of our conscious thought. We travel a linear time pattern interrupted with speed bumps of noise, people, and events. Keep up the good work :]

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