competition: running

Sunday Scribbling Prompt: competition

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feeling alive and free
sports competition
saved my life

it was my only possession
everything else was fleeting
dark and sad

a young girl big family
unfamilar with life
walking the streets alone
trouble cast it’s shadow
at my feet

with a ball
life was everything
it wasn’t at home

running fast
worries couldn’t keep me
fear left behind
life was everything
open and smiling

sports was a focus
where there was none

home was violent
…life without living
…where i laid my head at night

later, much later
i still run
and sometimes
it saves my life…


16 thoughts on “competition: running

  1. UL says:

    Sports as a focus, a medium to forget the negatives and move positive, hmm..never considered this line until your post..I do run but never on a competitive level, but just to raise the adrenaline and feel good about myself…so I can relate to the ‘change in focus’ thank you.

  2. I don’t really like to run… but I do it once in a while, and I do understand that feeling. It does bring you a sense of power… that no one can really take from you.

  3. ..thank you all for sharing your thoughts…i thought this was a little raw when i took a second look..wanted to take it off immediately…who would have known poetry could be so cathargic…it’s the response i had after reading someone else’s post on the competition prompt…i think it was something to do with not liking sports…hating it….it was pretty powerful…yes, running is definitely a cleansing wash of..freedom…peeling off layers of daily life..i think when i run i compete with my 25 years ago 10k record…hilarious really…

  4. A sad poem with a strong finish in sports. I am glad to hear that sports saved your life. It is always good to see someone who struggles not to be left behind instead of becoming submissive to the atmosphere they cannot change. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem.

    I also wanted to say you have been tagged by me to create a poem which involves seven things about you. I feel confident you will write something beautiful.

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