a love that’s on the square

blogfriday prompt: trouble…sounds like fun to me

cat on a hot tin roof, liz taylor

as soon as i saw him
i saw trouble approaching

he had this look
a look that i desired
to possess
for a moment
for a lifetime

and he was looking at me
only me
the closer he came
the hotter it got

i tried my best
to fight the urge

how is it
that he does that
he makes me giddy

appearing unruffled
i continued to stare back
with a come home to mama

she spoke to me
my inner voice whispered
soothingly in my ear
keep your power
stay calm and
breathe deep

he came closer
that most perfect smile
only he could smile
and the way he walked
what was a girl to do

my breath came in short spurts
losing all control
i let him have his way
because after all
he is my man


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